Costa Rica·February 27 - March 4 2025

Grounding the Hypermobile Self - Costa Rica

Movement expert Tiffany Ingersoll invites you to surround yourself with nature, fantastic cuisine, and connection. Pura Vida. (Pure life).



The theme: You're hypermobile? We are, too. Even with hypermobile joints, you can find grounding and the elusive "embodiment". Retreat sessions draw from functional movement, Pilates and yoga principles, with a concentrated focus on specific areas affected by hypermobility. Expect an in-depth exploration of hypermobile shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, knees and pelvis (including pelvic floor health). Read more on Movement Sessions under 'Schedule'. The town: Have you ever walked into a restaurant, book store or yoga studio and immediately felt the warm ambiance and kindness of the people there? Maybe you felt accepted and calm or at peace? The tiny, family friendly beach town of Samara, Costa Rica encompasses this feeling. It's a gem of a town! Samara (Sam-uh-ruh) is off the beaten path, located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, on the Nicoya Peninsula. It is a destination for those who like a bit of adventure. The villas: Ticos/Ticas (local Costa Ricans) are very in tune with nature and aim to live sustainably. We do our part to contribute to this fantastic environmental stewardship by staying in family-owned rustic Eco-villas (they even have their own compost, which is a big deal in Costa Rica)! Although you don't need it, each villa has a kitchen (which can be nice if you need a midnight snack). You'll enjoy chef prepared meals during this retreat. The setting invites you to relax, surrounded by lush foliage and welcoming staff. Movement sessions will take place on the yoga platform overlooking the creek. This is also a great place to look for howler monkeys! Good to know: -Samara is in one of the world's few blue zones (where people live exceptionally long lives)! -Every activity is optional; you are encouraged to follow your body and heart and will not feel pressured to join meals, classes or activities. Come as you are! -There are no big hotels, resorts or big-city amenities here.


There will be a small handful of guest instructors throughout this retreat that you will get to experience in addition to Tiffany. We will utilize mats, props, and massage balls for sessions. Although we try not to take ourselves too seriously, we are experienced instructors and classes are for all levels!

Tiffany Ingersoll

Tiffany Ingersoll

Tiffany Ingersoll has been teaching movement since 2008. She is a National Pilates Certified Teacher, trained by Balanced Body. 

Additionally, she is an experienced certified yoga teacher with extensive training and teaching experience. 

Tiffany is certified to teach various forms of yoga, including Hatha yoga, hot yoga, Embodied Yoga, Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. 

She is also a certified Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist and an educator in breath and fascial release techniques.


Tiffany is an educator and movement/body nerd at heart, dedicated to helping each student understand the complex patterns ingrained in their bodies. 

She identifies which patterns disrupt balance, leading to pain or dysfunction. 

Through her guidance, students begin to unwind these patterns, repattern, and reintegrate into the greater body systems.

In 2010, Tiffany's younger sister suffered a broken neck, intensifying Tiffany's commitment to therapeutic and rehabilitative movement. 

Since then, she has worked with individuals dealing with spinal cord injuries, joint replacements, chronic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and those seeking to improve their quality of life. 

Tiffany is endlessly passionate about understanding the human body's design and functionality. 

Above all, she believes her students are her greatest teachers.


Travel is another love of Tiffany’s. 

She has debuted as a scuba dive instructor, skipper, Wilderness First Responder, adventure seeker, always pushing herself to get out of her comfort zone.

Lindsay Eldridge

Lindsay Eldridge

Lindsay designs and implements all retreats. 

She is the backbone of the experience and the person you'll be in contact with leading up to the retreat. 

She teaches Pilates and functional movement and ensures everything runs smoothly in Costa Rica.






What will I remember about this trip?

You'll remember how you felt. 

How you felt to connect to new muscles, new cultures and new friends. How you felt to ask yourself "What do I truly want from this moment?". 

You'll remember how you felt when you walked down the last bit of trail before stepping out on a beautiful, deserted beach. 

You'll remember that the food was the perfect combination of nutritious and delicious and that it made you feel joyful and alive. 

We hope that once you get home, you'll always remember that there is a place where you felt SEEN, EMPOWERED and INVIGORATED.


Movement Sessions

Costa Rica's nurturing tropical environment provides an excellent container to reconnect with your authentic self while cultivating inner resilience. 

Sessions will take place on a beautiful platform, surrounded by lush foliage and overlooking a creek.

Expect an in-depth exploration of hypermobile shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, knees and pelvis (including pelvic floor health). 

Through tailored exercises and practices, you'll learn techniques to build strength, stability, and body awareness in these key areas prone to hypermobility issues. 

Emerge equipped with tools for better joint control and ease of movement.


A Typical Day


6:30 - Journaling Workshop or Morning Meditation (it sounds early but Costa Rica is a daytime country; it will feel natural here)

7:00 - Movement Class

8:00 -  Breakfast at Villas

9:00 - Morning Activity (Hike, Kayak, Saturday Farmer's Market, Group Beach Time) 


12:00 - Lunch 

1:00 - Afternoon Free Time (perfect for walking on the beach, reading a book, hanging by the pool or adding in an additional activity)

4:30 - Early Evening Movement Class (class option varies daily)

7:00 - Group Dinner 

Morning workshops alternate between morning meditation and journaling, while classes will have a focus on a specific joint. Classes are open level!

Free time blocks provide ample time to explore activities available in Samara. Some examples are:

- Horseback riding 

- Surfing lessons

- ATV tours 

- Ziplining

- Massage/Spa services 

- Spanish lessons

We remember to go with the flow in this beautiful, laid-back country. Activities may be switched from morning to afternoon depending on weather and other factors. 


Let's talk about food!

-Tropical fruit platters

-Local coffee

-Gallo Pinto (traditional breakfast dish) 

-Acai bowl

-Handmade corn tortillas

-Homemade yogurt with granola & local honey

-Fresh caught fish

-Grilled vegetables

-Coconut rice

-Patacones (twice fried green plantains)

-Marinated chicken breast

-Stuffed bell peppers


-Freshly baked bread

-Quinoa salad

-Fresh fruit smoothies

-Homemade empanadas

-Coconut curry

...the list goes on!! We will enjoy a large variety of delicious cuisine.

There are a couple of times where you'll get to explore the many restaurants Samara has to offer! 

There is a healthy balance of local food options and international cuisine (everything from wood-fired steaks to ceviche to a typical local dish with a Caribbean flare). 

There are several restaurants right along the beach with a Bohemian feel as well as delicious options in town. 

Exploring the different restaurants is definitely part of the fun here. 

We will be there to point you in the direction of our favorite spots!

What's Included

What's Included

5 nights accommodation in eco-villas

Chef prepared breakfasts (5), lunches (3) and dinners (4).

Transportation in a private, air-conditioned shuttle, to and from the airport in Liberia (LIR)

2 movement classes daily

Kayaking/Paddleboard excursion

Guided hike to a hidden beach

Group beach time (shade tents and chairs will be provided).

Myofascial release class with massage balls

Access to a full kitchen in each villa

Travel & logistical support leading up to and during retreat

Guided morning meditation or journaling workshop (1 daily)

Airfare to Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR)

Specialty drinks (smoothies or alcoholic beverages)

1 lunch and 1 dinner (exploring restaurants here is part of the adventure and we'll help you)

Additional excursions or experiences

Travel insurance (we have recommendations for you to explore)


Shared Bed in Shared Villa (3 people per room)

Shared Bed in Shared Villa (3 people per room)

You'll enjoy a bedroom/bathroom for you and your travel partners and will share the kitchen and villa with others. These rooms can sleep 3 people, making it perfect for a group of friends. There will be chef prepared meals (you won't need the kitchen, it's simply an added feature)!


Private Bed in Shared Room

Private Bed in Shared Room

You'll have your own bed (queen or twin) and will share the room, bathrooms, and villa with others. There will be chef prepared meals (you won't need the kitchen, it's simply an added feature)!


Private Villa- Studio (outdoor kitchen on patio)

Private Villa- Studio (outdoor kitchen on patio)

Enjoy your own private space, complete with a full outdoor kitchen! You may add another person to the room (plan to share bed) by adding "Second Person in Private Villa" when booking. There will be chef prepared meals (you won't need the kitchen, it's simply an added feature)!


Private Room in Shared 2 BR Villa

Private Room in Shared 2 BR Villa

You'll enjoy your own private room and will share a bathroom, kitchen and villa with 1-2 others. You may add another person to the room (plan to share bed) for an additional cost. Please reach out for more information. There will be chef prepared meals (you won't need the kitchen, it's simply an added feature)!


Private Room & Bathroom in Shared Villa (Main Villa)

Private Room & Bathroom in Shared Villa (Main Villa)

You'll enjoy your own private bedroom/bathroom and will share the kitchen and villa with others. You may add another person to the room (plan to share bed) for an additional cost. Please reach out for more information. There will be chef prepared meals (you won't need the kitchen, it's simply an added feature)!


Private Villa- 1 bedroom, outdoor deck (indoor kitchen)

Private Villa- 1 bedroom, outdoor deck (indoor kitchen)

Enjoy your own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & deck. You may add another person for an additional cost (plan to share bed) by adding "Second Person in Private Villa" when booking. There will be chef prepared meals (you won't need the kitchen, it's simply an added feature)!


Second Person in Private Villa

Second Person in Private Villa

Book this along with a Private Villa and enjoy a space that is only for you two travelers. The photo above is an example of a bedroom.


Trip Tips

Digital Detox

Digital Detox

This is your chance to recharge! Give yourself a mental refresh through connection to yourself, others and the environment around you. Research has shown us over and over again that disconnecting from our devices more often: - benefits our sleep cycles - increases positive self talk - promotes healthier eating habits - decreases anxiety & depression - leads to more productive days at work There are no rules. You choose what amount of detox works best for where you are, in your life, at this time.

Getting There

Getting There

You'll fly to the Liberia International Airport (LIR), which is in the northern part of Costa Rica. It's best to arrive before 2pm on the retreat start date to take advantage of the private shuttle to Samara! Plan to leave after 12pm on the retreat end date. The drive to Samara is 2-2.5 hours from the LIR airport. The drive is on a two-lane road, so expect to drive through small villages, be surrounded by foliage and to be away from crowded highways.



Samara is in a dry tropical forest. April is the last month of the official dry season on the Nicoya Peninsula and May marks the beginning of the official rainy season. It will be sunny and hot. Get ready to sweat, soak up the sun, and swim!

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

As experienced travelers who’ve learned to expect the unexpected, we recommend travel insurance. You'll receive our recommendations after signing up.


Absolutely not! The villas provide a kitchen and you will not need it. Some people like to have access to a refrigerator or stove, and it's an added bonus that it's there for your use (if you would like).

It would be very easy not to use the kitchen at all during this retreat!

A 10% deposit is required to reserve your spot on the retreat. 

The remaining balance is due 75 days before the retreat start date. 

Please reach out if you'd like to chat about a payment plan that might work better for you.

Deposits are refundable for 30 days. 

If cancellation occurs more than 60 days prior to the retreat start date, you will receive a 100% refund, less the deposit. 

Cancel 46-60 days prior to retreat start date and receive a 50% refund, less the deposit.  

Cancel 31-45 days prior to the retreat start date and receive a 25% refund, less the deposit.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for cancellations that occur 30 or fewer days before the retreat start date. 

However, we CAN apply any amount paid toward a future AWAY retreat!  

Travel to Costa Rica currently requires a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your departure date from Costa Rica. 

You will also need a printed copy of your return flight to obtain a tourist visa on arrival. 

There are no COVID testing requirements to enter Costa Rica at this time. 

Yes! There are plenty of options for vegetarians, pescatarians, omnivores and carnivores alike. 

Gluten-free diets can be accommodated as well.

Costa Rica’s local currency is the colon. Colones are preferred by local businesses, although U.S. Dollars are accepted. The easiest way to obtain colones is to use your debit card at the ATM machine. There are 3 ATM's in Samara.

You will be able to insert your debit card and receive colones. There will be a fee, which is associated with your bank at home. It's usually between $3 and $5 per withdrawal.

We still recommend bringing some U.S. cash as it’s best to have some cash on hand when traveling. 

Check out the current exchange rate.

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on the entire planet. You’ll see critters that you have never seen before! 

Locals keep all food inside the refrigerator to ensure that bugs do not come inside. We’ll follow suit. 

This collection of villas is not very buggy, but you’ll likely find some cool insects while you’re out and about. 

Yes. For minor injuries, there is a small clinic with an English speaking male doctor and staff. 

There is also a small office with an English speaking female doctor and receptionist. She offers a more holistic approach to medicine. 

Samara also has an acupuncturist and pelvic floor physical therapist.

For major injuries or trauma, San Jose is the best option. 

There is an International hospital there, as well as several other hospitals that will provide excellent care. 

For a situation requiring evacuation from Costa Rica, Miami is the closest and best option. 

Yes. While it’s nice to unplug from the outside world, many of us have lives at home that require some communication. 

We understand. There is WIFI at the Villas and at most restaurants in town or along the beach. 

April is not considered the rainy season. However, if it does storm, this may cause the WIFI and power to shut down, especially in town. 

There is a generator at the Villas in case of power outages.

You may read about the current CDC recommendations and guidelines here.

If you'd like to schedule one of the many activities that are offered in town, we're here to help! 

Check out the noncomprehensive list below:

- Ziplining

- Surfing lessons

- Spanish lessons

- Horseback riding

- ATV tours

- Massage/spa services

Grounding the Hypermobile Self - Costa Rica

Costa Rica· February 27 - March 4 2025· 5 nights