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Join the Founder's Retreat in February 2025

What are we all about?

Our expertly curated experiences give leaders the chance to connect to their community without the stress of handling logistics, writing emails, and, let's be honest, basically taking on a second job in order to pull of a retreat.

These experiences thoughtfully blend movement, wellness and adventure. Each program is highly personalized to fit your personal goals as a retreat leader and the interests of your group. 

You’ll see this balance through the places we visit, the accommodations we live in and the day-to-day life we create. 

Everything is customizable. This is truly your retreat. 

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Find out why I believe Costa Rica is STILL hugely underrated.



Feel free to peruse the questions here and know that we will take all the the time necessary to answer any other questions you have! 

In fact, we love helping you prepare for your trip of choice. It's one of our superpowers.

Every participant must show proof of a negative PCR COVID test, taken within 72 hours of retreat start date.

Drivers and other on-site support that our group will come into close contact with will have proof of a recent negative test.

At this time, testing is not required to re-enter the United States. Should this protocol change, or if your home country requires a negative COVID test for entry, you are responsible for the cost of the test. We will help with logistics!

*We reserve the right to update protocol, based on the ever-changing COVID climate.

This retreat is open to those on every level of their movement journey. 

Whether you’re new to yoga/Pilates or have been practicing for years, you’ll find a place here

There is no pressure to attend any of the classes or adventures offered. 

Each retreat differs slightly, but we've found that our favorite group size is between 6 and 12 participants. 

AWAY Retreats will answer any questions you have leading up to the retreat and 24/7 during the retreat. 

Please visit the webpage for the retreat of your choice for a list of what is included. 

In addition to the FAQ page for each separate retreat, you’ll receive the following:

- Daily itinerary

- Detailed packing list

- Information on how to book flights

- Pre-trip preparation checklist

- Introductions to other retreat-goers

The Backstory

AWAY Retreats Founder

Meet Lindsay

In 1998, I found that traveling was the answer to my insatiable curiosity about different places and cultures around the world.  

I began leading hiking, caving and service-learning programs for local teenagers.  

I went on to spend 75 days living in the wilderness in Alaska, on an intense outdoor leadership training course (NOLS). 

By 2003, I was implementing multi-week adventure programs for groups within the U.S. and abroad. 

Over the following 15 years, I worked as a sea kayaking guide, backpacking instructor, English teacher, multi-sport adventure guide and more. 

I designed and implemented international programs for students all over the world, managing teams of instructors along the way.

My most recent lengthy travel experiences have been the past two summers, living in Costa Rica in 2022 with my partner and our two tiny toddlers and in Colorado in 2023 with our slightly older toddlers!

Although I had always been active through both traditional sports (soccer, cross-country, track) and non-traditional sports (mountaineering, backpacking, snowboarding etc.), I began to experience intense back pain and sciatica from a herniated disk. 

This injury left me debilitated for a week or more at a time, several times per year. 

Through seeking alleviation of pain, I found Pilates! Pilates has absolutely changed my life. 

It allows me to find balance within my body and mind. I have been teaching Pilates since 2015.

Combining my two biggest passions feels absolutely natural to me. I can't wait to share these worlds with you!


What people are saying

Check out our testimonials

I have been doing Pilates with Lindsay for years!  She is a great teacher- enthusiastic, patient, and explains everything clearly.  Definitely recommend her! 

Anne T.

I can't say enough about working with Lindsay. I was a complete beginner when I started a couple years ago.  Her exceptional ability to gauge my body and its limits while also being incredibly patient and fun to work with, has lead to unprecedented and substantial improvements in my health, strength & well-being.  Plus it's FUN!
Plain & simple = she is the BEST. 

Rajiv R.

I have worked with Lindsay and love her teaching style. She meets you where you are, both on your overall health journey and on any given day. I am in my 50's and felt so out of shape and defeated when I started working with her. She really customizes each session so that it is exactly what you need. I have much less pain today and am so much stronger, healthier, more confident and happier than I was before I started working with her. 

Kathy M.

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