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Join us in Costa Rica!

February 27 - March 4, 2025

Find out why we believe Costa Rica is still hugely underrated.

'Grounding the Hypermobile Self'


movement expert Tiffany Ingersoll (Integral Movement LLC) 


What are we all about?

Our trips thoughtfully blend movement, wholeness and adventure.

These expertly curated experiences give us the chance to connect to nature, other cultures, ourselves and much more.

You’ll see this balance through the places we visit, the accommodations we live in and the day-to-day life we create.


Feel free to peruse the questions here and know that we will take all the the time necessary to answer any other questions you have! 

In fact, we love helping you prepare for your trip of choice. It's one of our superpowers.

Yes! Our custom planning includes everything we think you could possibly need. Here's a sample list of what we prepare:

  • Booking lodging, transportation, meals, activities and more. You do not need to go down a rabbit hole of finding the perfect places; we have an extensive list of vetted spots.

  • Your own personalized webpage for the retreat to share with your attendees.

  • We can handle all payments through our site.

  • Paperwork, you're welcome! Insurance, liability waivers, emergency action plans, packing lists, flight schedules, dietary restrictions, medical forms... the works!

There's more, too. We can't write all the secrets here. Let's chat and create a retreat that you love!

We've got you covered! It is important that the retreat is a good fit for you. Please reach out and we'll guide you in the right direction.

Each retreat differs slightly, but we've found that our average group size is 12-15 people.

You're correct to be curious! 

AWAY Retreats will answer any questions you have leading up to the retreat and 24/7 during the retreat. 

Please visit the webpage for the retreat of your choice for a list of what is included. 

In addition to the FAQ page for each separate retreat, you’ll receive the following:

- Daily itinerary

- Detailed packing list

- Information on how to book flights

- Pre-trip preparation checklist

- Introductions to other retreat-goers

Meet Lindsay

The Backstory

In 1998, traveling became the answer to an insatiable curiosity about different places and cultures around the world. 

This passion quickly led to leading hiking, caving, and service-learning programs for local teenagers.

A transformative experience for me was spending 75 days living in the wilderness of Alaska during an intense outdoor leadership training course with NOLS. 

By 2003, I was implementing multi-week adventure programs for groups both within the U.S. and abroad.

Over the next 15 years, I was thrilled to work as a sea kayaking guide, backpacking instructor, English teacher, multi-sport adventure guide, and more. 

These roles eventually led to designing and implementing international programs for thousands of students at Broadreach, a private study abroad company. 

One of the most rewarding parts of this role was supporting and managing teams of instructors, ensuring life-altering trips for participants.

Some of my most cherished travel memories include:

-Trekking and drinking tea in villages in Nepal

-Dancing to ring in the New Year with my river guide's family in Chile

-Attending a celebratory feast with monks in Thailand

-White water rafting the Karamea in New Zealand

-Watching my then-toddlers perform in the Dia de Guanacaste ceremony at their school in Costa Rica

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